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Established in 2014, Blankett Tech (PTY) LTD is a multi-award winning organization that has from conception remained committed to driving innovation and technology that moves Africa forward.

Syafunda is one of 3 main divisions with the purpose of integrating the best learning experience into a digital platform and lower the barriers to access to quality education and information in Africa.

We integrate the best teaching practices on video, audio and e-books into the school or community system through a wireless digital library set up in schools, community centers and libraries across South Africa in a localized context and languages in alignment with the South African curriculum from grade 8 to 12.

Through digital tests we identify, capture and monitor performance and usage data and profile each student, school and community for support, career guidance, and university bursary placement while giving our clients and stakeholders real-time feedback, support and intervention capabilities.

Digital content and software is loaded onto the SDL/N and deployed to locations with limited or no internet connectivity.  This includes previously disadvantaged townships and rural villages, schools and libraries with the following objectives.

  • Increased uptake, interest and performance in STEM across different age groups
  • Provide communities with content for literacy, financial education and skills development

The SDL enhances and supplements learning and teaching in the classroom and extends learning outside the classroom using mobile / digital technology for individualized learning extending far beyond schools but overall community development.

Syafunda is both a content distribution and data collection platform in areas without internet.

This has seen us attend lessons under trees and walk down long dusty roads to reach and connect communities to Syafunda and connect them to each other.

With the support of our partners, we have invested millions in researching, designing, experimenting, fine-tuning and building our own hardware, software, content and analytics tools so that we can guarantee access to content and information in some of the most remote areas in and around South Africa.

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