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Download e-Books & Resources

Download e-books, video tutorials, past papers and worksheets from our library of free and premium content ranging from education, entrepreneurship and IT.

Performance Data Analytics

Access and engage directly with top performing students from across the country for efficient bursary, learnership and university placement.

Student Profiles

Create a profile and compete locally and nationally for a top spot in our leaderboards and engage and share information with your peers in other schools

Offline Wireless Functionality

Our Servers are placed in various schools, libraries and community centers allowing you to download all material to your mobile device for free without internet or data.

Scholarship Application Process

Complete monthly assessments and quizzes in Mathematics and Science and we will automatically pair you with the relevant university bursary programs

Video Lessons & Assessments

Stream or download video tutorials from some of the best local teachers in 3 languages on to you mobile device to learn anytime, anywhere and all the time.