How Syafunda is boosting sustainable development Goals

By ITU News Recently, cross-border scaling program for social and environmental good Accelerate 2030 gathered its finalists at the SDG Factory in Geneva, Switzerland. The programme is partnered with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Swiss Re, Pfizer, and Impact Hub to help scale ventures that are making a difference in driving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. RELATED: How to Keep Reading ..

Africa’s best hope for quality education Impact Hub Geneva

Affordable and accessible education is still not realised everywhere in the world. Having personally experienced a shortage of teachers, Zakheni Ngubo developed Syafunda; an online platform for students providing access to localised digital content. With over 80.000 students using the platform, it has proven its success already. Zakheni will be in Geneva during the scaling Keep Reading ..

Syafunda: The digital learning platform changing the face of Africa

Access to information on the part of students is very important. In South Africa, a digital learning platform called Syafunda is recording some measurable success in providing digital content to students through mobile technology. Founded by Zakheni Ngubo, who is also the Senior Managing Partner, Syafunda aims at using solid business principles to find a Keep Reading ..